Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) is a rights-based service delivery organization striving to improve the well-being of communities and ensuring that citizens have access to and are aware of their rights and responsibilities. SPO is currently serving in more than 50 districts across the country in sectors of health, education, sustainable livelihood, climate change, digital knowledge and cultural & tourism promotion.
SPO was registered in 1993 under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and transitioned from a small-scale joint venture of Small Projects Office between Government of Pakistan and Canadian High Commission in 1987. The initiative voluntarily led by Mr. Javed Jabbar, Dr. Tariq J. Banuri, and Ms. Ferida Sher; guided the transformation of a small entity to a leading Pakistani Civil Society Organization with a broad programmatic portfolio. SPO is recognized for its impressive nationwide footprint in 75 districts; operating with a diverse spectrum of groups from grass root communities to various tiers of governance at local, district, provincial and national level. We have dynamic teams based in nine offices in all four provinces of Pakistan.

SPO is governed by a fourteen-member Board of Directors comprised of thirteen elected members and the Chief Executive.

SPO is a key member of over 20 global and regional networks of leading rights based civil society institutions.