Digital Knowledge Transformation as Cross Cutting Tool - Governance

1. e-Governance: Support for Establishing Data Base of Human Rights Situation & Human Rights Defenders in Pakistan

SPO successfully implemented ‘Support for Establishing Data Base of Human Rights Situation and Human Rights Defenders in Pakistan’ with the financial support of Care International in Pakistan. The project started in September 2014 and concluded in March 2015.

The overall goal of this project was to establish a database on Human Rights violation in Pakistan by developing a software which records information related to Human Rights violation at Federal and provincial level.  The project also included capacity building trainings for Federal and provincial directorates in order to transfer knowledge and responsibilities to maintain, review, and utilize the data resource pool. A detailed Management Information System (MIS) on Human Rights was handed over to the Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights.

SPO under its ‘Digital Knowledge Transformation’ program implemented this project through which a database of human rights violations was prepared and owned by the state and its representatives. Due to SPO’s continuous efforts to digitalize the human rights violations, the civil society organizations working on Human Rights advocacy benefited to access the information and devise strategies accordingly. This small scale project proved to be a huge contribution in systematically recording the human rights violation data, which also helped the ministry to take informed actions and extended timely response to the needs and challenges faced by citizens.